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Financial institutions ask you for a credit history in Canada, and for new immigrants this request is problematic.

How can you prove you're a good payer if you don't have an Equifax or Transunion credit report?

  • You have been a newcomer to Canada for less than 24 months and would like to buy your first home.
  • You have a work permit, it is possible.
  • You have had a job for at least 3 months and a down payment of 5%.
  • We have financing solutions for you with the same financing rates as the best bank clients.

Makeyour dream of a home in Canada come true, get a mortgage with the same interest rate as Canadians.


  • Must have immigrated or moved to Canada within the past 24 months
  • Must have completed at least three months of full-time employment in Canada (borrowers transferring under a business transfer program are exempt)
  • Must have obtained landed immigrant status or have a work permit.
  • Mortgage from 5% down payment and at the best rate.

Even if you don't have credit in Canada, we have a solution for you.

At the same rate as our best customers. Under the same financing conditions as all Canadians.

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