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First Buyer

Buying your first property is both the realization of a great dream but also a source of many questions and concerns.

A little advice to save you time and money, meetwith one of our mortgage brokers to obtain a pre-authorization before even starting to look for the house of your dreams, it will take your stress out and avoid many disappointments.

This step will demonstrate the seriousness of your approach and thus increase your credibility when negotiating the purchase of a property.

You're in luck, because with MontrealCourtier.com, we also do Real Estate Brokerage. Imagine while discussing your mortgage you start looking for your dream home.

At MontrealCourtier.com, we will assess your budget, your lifestyle and we will put in place all the winning conditions that will suit you. We will be able to represent you in order to obtain the best financing conditions and the best mortgage rates on the market.

In addition, we can obtain a rate guarantee that will protect you against an increase in interest rates. Thus, your mortgage payment will be protected for a given period.

Among other things, we will discuss:

  • Cash back program
  • Program with minimum down payment of 5%
  • Homeownership Program (RAP)
  • Additional costs related to the purchase of your first home

Who better to advise you in a single meeting on all the programs and new products offered by all financial institutions.

Only the mortgage broker can offer it to you, so contact MontrealCourtier.com to make your dream come true.

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