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Self-employed worker

Banks are often suspicious of self-employed workers because their incomes are often less stable and predictable than employees.

This explains why Desjardins and the Banks often offer you mortgage rates without discounts.

There are quick mortgage approval processes just for the self-employed. Mortgage authorization of up to 90% of the value of the property for a purchase. And for those with excellent credit, always at the best mortgage rate.

A mortgage broker knows all the financial institutions and the rules for granting mortgages. Your mortgage broker will prepare your mortgage financing application so that you get the best mortgage rate based on your financial situation, property, and debt level.

Often our clients get a very favorable mortgage rate that the banks reserve for their best clients.

We know that you often deduct from your business income a lot of expenses that normally salaried workers are not allowed to deduct. These expenses reduce your bottom line, we know that. It is for this reason that we have found mortgage solutions adapted to the needs of self-employed workers. You deserve a mortgage or mortgage financing at the best market conditions.

  • The income declared by the borrower must be reasonable according to the industry, the duration of the activities and the type of business.
  • No defaults on mortgage payments or revolving credit noted by a credit bureau in the past 12 months.
  • No residential mortgage defaults in the last seven years.
  • No previous bankruptcy.
  • The lender must ensure that the borrower/borrowers do not have tax arrears.

All applicants included in the application for eligibility purposes must occupy the property.

  • Properties with a maximum of four dwellings, of which at least one dwelling must be occupied by the owner as the main residence.
  • Existing properties and new constructions Ready-for-sale properties located in a sustainable real estate market where there is real demand for resale.
  • Old houses (built before 1950) must have been extensively modernized and the approximate remaining (economic) life must be at least 25 years.

New construction must be covered by a new home warranty program.

  • Self-employed workers must provide two years of stable income (Notice of assessment). You have excellent credit, you have been self-employed for more than 2 years and you are successful, we have a lender ready to believe you.
  • Use the locked-in capital in your home to grow your business. You need capital to grow and reinvest in your business. Your house is a reservoir of capital, put your inactive assets to work.
  • In addition to finding you mortgage financing at the best rate, your mortgage broker will be able to advise you on how to save you taxes. The services offered by your mortgage broker are added value for you..
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